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That is a very simplistic response. Consider:

The most recent "uncirculated sets" as the mint chooses to call them does not stand up to the term and history. While I have not closely examined recent sets, the ones I saw of a few years ago appeared to be nothing more than mint state examples pulled off the production line.

"PL" coins have gone through a number of incarnations. Early, true PL coins were and are spectacular. These were the mints attempt to show off their skills and learn in the process. Progress continued into the 1970-2000 time frame, to where the examples were often stunning and beautiful. Unfortunately, more recently, the mint has chosen to not focus on quality of these pieces.

Specimen coins were out there at the same time, but beyond the pocket book of many. Finding specimen coins after 1953 were quite difficult until 1967, then again until 1970. Specimens were also typically reserved for dignitaries and the like, until 1967, when they first became readily available to the general public.

PL sets of the early 1950s can be absolutely outstanding coins. The cost of examples of these pieces are certainly as much if not more than mint state examples.

In this question I agree with Rick. PL and MS coins are different. One is not better than another. Costs will certainly vary, based on many factors.

Many new collectors find true PL strikes as works of art, and prefer them over mint state examples. More recent years can be easily found and are thus appealing to the collector who may not have the means to purchase (or even find) a similarly graded mint state example.

"Coingirl," I would ask you rethink your statement that "...the collector who does not want to afford the business strike." Indeed, the collector you reference may have many reasons for forgoing a business strike example. Not the least of which may have issues to do with today's economy... remember, not everyone has deep pockets.

I for one have no wish to stifle anyone's collecting interests. The basic young collector of today may be the Norweb, Belzberg or Pittman of tomorrow. Indeed, he may be the one who purchases your business strike collection in 2040, when he is a success and you are ready to retire.

jmc, 9/12/2012
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