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Re: Why I collect?

I started when i was only 7 back in the seventies, I would keep my pennies in a jar which was less then half full at the time. Over and over again i would take these pennies out and line them up on the floor by the year that was on each, leaving a gap between the years that i didnt have. One night my dad saw me dumping them all back into the jar . He said nothing, the next morning i noticed my jar filled to the top with pennies. All he said was that it must have grown overnight. I was in my glee to have so many pennies to sort through filling the gaps he must have seen on the floor. Needless to say that i didnt stop with just pennies. But , i will admit im one of the people who was very sad to see the penny come to an end. They will always be my favorites in my collection

jjjuneee, 11/2/2012
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