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Help/Advice Request for beginning collection

I have been collecting bullion now for a number of years and have accumulated some older silver coins that are part of my collection as well as the usual maple leaf,Olympic and RCM issues etc. The collector gene in me, however, is now moving me toward starting a collection of large cent and silver 5 cent coins. I would appreciate any suggestions that the members of this forum may have to get me started. My thought is to collect only XF and better examples, is this reasonable? I am also thinking that variations would not be a part of the collection to start but might be something to consider later on as the collection grows. Probably 2 of the most important questions are: -what are the better sources to obtain good quality coins? -what percentage of Trends should one expect to pay and does the percentage rise as the quality of the coin improves? How about storage? 2x2 flips or?? Any cautions or "things to beware of" are also appreciated.. Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond. I have come to appreciate the tremendous knowledge that the members here possess and so willingly share. Look forward to any and all suggestions! John

diehlerca, 12/7/2012
CCRS member since: 2/25/2007
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