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1965 Canadian Pennies blunt 5's

I bought a few rolls of 1965 'mint' pennies from the Bank of Montreal in Riverside, Windsor, in 1965 and applied 'wax' to both ends of the rolls to keep them perfectly sealed. I opened them up awhile back to check for the 'pointed 5's', but found none. I have the large and small bead blunt 5's only. On checking for SMALL and LARGE denticles I have found that it is difficult to discern one from the other but I have found the following in my hoard................. "A" pointing to a denticle "A" pointing 'exactly between' 2 denticles "A" pointing slighly to the right of a denticle "A" pointing slighly to the left of a denticle

Any comments on the above would be appreciated

taxicab, 12/8/2012
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1965 Canadian Pennies blunt 5's (taxicab, 12/8/2012)
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