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OT - Birmingham Mint/IMI Advertising Tokens

I got into collecting these types of tokens and trial pieces a few years ago. It all started when I stumbled across a Birmingham Mint token that said "formerly Ralph Heaton & Sons" on its reverse. I was interested because of the connection of the Heaton Mint with Canadian coins and tokens. I collect pieces from the late 1800's to modern pieces. If there are any other collectors out there and would like to correspond, please send me an email. Thanks.

buzzardw6m, 2/19/2013
CCRS member since: 6/11/2007
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e-mail: clyde2011@hotmail.ca

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OT - Birmingham Mint/IMI Advertising Tokens (buzzardw6m, 2/19/2013)
 Re: OT - Birmingham Mint/IMI Advertising Tokens (Rick Simpson, 5/13/2013)

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