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Re: Cleaning coins

Rick is always verse terse with his responses. I have never tried mineral oil, so can't comment on that. However, you can use water and a toothbrush since bronze is hard and won't scratch from a good brushing (don't do it to red uncirculated coins). I have used Release-all, a rust remover, which will clean the dirt and some corrosion. If it's just to clean, wet the toothbrush with it and brush; if it's for corrosion, soak it for a day (but be aware that the patina may be lightened). You can use hawthorns to get crud out of letters and digits; much sharper and stronger than toothpicks but since they are wood, they won't scratch bronze. Don't bother with Q-tips, especially on silver, which they WILL scratch (tried it so I know), just use a cotton t-shirt (cut up an old one to use as rags). Sometimes, all you need to use is a wet thumb (also won't scratch bronze). Don't use soap as it will take off patina (had a friend who brought me a bunch of 1930-40's cents, and was proud to say he had washed them first since they were dirty - all had a very strange colour because of the soap wash).

Terry T, 3/22/2013
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