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Re: 1965 Canadian Penny off Denticle

I goofed. I used the term 'denticle' (as in the 1948) instead of the term 'bead'. The 'A' in REGINA points to a large bead (it is difficult to compare the large bead with the small bead otherwise as they look almost the same size...of course I am slated for cataract surgery on April 8th with my right eye). Anything that the "A" is NOT pointing to, is supposed to be a SMALL bead. But I have checked 100's of these coins and found that some are off to the left, some are off to the right, and some appear to be dead center between two beads. I might have a different perspective about this time next month when the cataract is removed. LOL

taxicab, 3/25/2013
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