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New Canadian $1000 Gold coin, available today only!

Super news for Canadian Coin collectors

Prime Minister Harper, accompanied by his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty , made the following short, but important announcement today after they had breakfast together. Here is a transcript:

Good morning,

As some of you know, my Mr. Jim Flaherty, my Minister of Finance and I are avid numismatists and collectors of rare Canadian coins. Recently The CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint suggested that it would be great for Canadian History if Jim and I would pose for a picture and have it struck on to the new 2013 $ 1000 gold coins being released by the RCM today at precisely 17:00 Ottawa Time. The coins are now ready to be shipped on a first come first serve basis. They are beautifully struck in .9999 Canadian mined Gold, contain 1 Troy ounce and all are Specimen grade. They come in a Burgundy red Silk padded container and have me on the obverse and Jim on the reverse side. But, to get one, you must hurry!! There are 2 very limited editions, A and B, of only 5000 pieces each. Edition A will only be sold directly from the Mint, starting at 18:00 Ottawa Time today. Edition B, all 5000 pieces, have been delivered to the Ottawa Stock exchange where they are now listed for sale and trade under the symbol APR1-2013.

These will sell very fast and are a must have for your collection of rare Canadian coins. Cost for each coin is $ 2013.0401 plus S/H of $ 200. Why the four decimal digits you ask? Because we are experimenting with a new pricing system for gold, which is also sold on a 4 digit purity level.

Because Jim and I are on the coins, There is NO GST or HST collected on these coins. Brokers at the Ottawa exchange have agreed not to charge any commissions for today only.

The RCM has a few dedicated staff on overtime duty today who will start taking Credit Card only Phone orders at precisely 18:00 Ottawa Time for Edition 1 only!. Please note: this coin is only available Today through the RCM Ottawa sales office.

coingirl, 4/1/2013
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