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Re: 1921 5 cent

Advice is ok, for example what do you think it's worth question but it really helps the website if people at least post their coins wanted to buy or sell on the Marketplace section of the website. It's only $2.50. Then you're free and encouraged to promote and point people to it once from the CCRS Discussion and you're helping out the Canadian Coin Reference Site community! I honestly don't sit here 24/7 monitoring this website because I'm way too busy to do that but I do try to devote as much time as I can, and I always respond to complaints submitted to the CCRS Feedback form.

I am also seriously thinking of making it mandatory for members of the CCRS to use their real names on this discussion board, like it is required to do on Facebook for example. You'll notice that I've changed my CCRS User Name from "Webmaster" to "Brian R. Smith." If you want to change your username to your real name right now, please let me know via the feedback form. It will likely become mandatory in the very near future.

Brian R. Smith, 5/20/2013
CCRS member since: 3/21/2002
2012 CCRS Patron
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