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1953 Prooflike Set

Hi Group, I arrived at a small collectors show near Omaha last week just as most of the dealers had packed up but 2 or 3, so I aimed toward the one who had some foreign coins and I asked if he had any Canadian. He said yes, a few...There's this 1953 set. The tag said 1953 Prooflike set, but the dealer thought it was just a nice Uncirculated set, so I took a look. I aimed his loop at the portrait on the dollar and saw it was a Cameo, so I gave him the $125 and we were both happy. It didn't look very nice. His cabinet was dark colored, the room lighting was bad, everyone was in a hurry to get out, and the case this was in was dirty and scratched and the coins were a bit off kilter. So this was with me the last two weeks on the road...My son. daughter and I went on a 2400 mile road trip from near St Louis to Kelowna BC where he will go to UBC. So I have been looking at this a lot with only motel lighting and no loupe. Home today and I just finished cleaning it up and would like to describe it, as there are a few mild surprises! $1: PL63, SF, WR, FWL, Cameo 50C: PL65,SF, LD, Cameo 25C: PL63, NSF, LD, light Cameo 10C: PL65/ MS65 (Don't know if PL or MS), NSF Silver coins are all lightly mottled toned, the dime with a little gold/blue. 5C: PL64/ MS64, NSF, Far Leaf, Obverse die clash marks both sides of neck, Re-eng 1st "A" of GRATIA 1C: PL65/ MS65, NSF Red, spots The Case is a 3-part Clear Lucite $1 to 1Cent with 6 plastic screws. I wonder if it has been in that case since the 50's or 60's.

Turns out after cleaning up the case and setting the coins straight it is a pretty nice set. Thanks for letting me vent....Cheers, Jim

Jim Bulmer, 9/1/2013
CCRS member since: 1/28/2007
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e-mail: jbulmer57@hotmail.com

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