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Re: 1953 Prooflike Set

I have seen quite a few 1953 coins advertised on eBay as PL. Are they really? or are they wishful thinking! It's true there are some very pretty 53's out there, but are they PL (a made-up term anyway) or the product of a mint that is making very nice coins?! For an issue of (supposedly) 1200, there are quite a few out there. My thought is that the Canadian mint was looking at the US Mint, who had been making Proof sets since 1936, so they decided to try. The US mint's set was housed in individual pliofilm packets, piled in a small square box. Not very attractive. But not having the tools to produce Proof or Specimen coins, they hand-selected the best ones they saw and packaged them up (??). It is said: "Rembrandt painted 3000 pictures in his lifetime, 5000 of which have been authenticated". Cheers, Jim

Jim Bulmer, 9/26/2013
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