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Don't miss... THE October 30 & 31, 2021 TOREX Coin Show & Auctions

I am pleased to announce that based on the ongoing successful COVID vaccination campaign and the province's entry into stage 3 of its 3 stage plan, Toronto is now open for business! The October 30 & 31 TOREX Show & Auctions will go forward as scheduled!

TOREX will be hosted at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport hotel conveniently located at 33 Carlson court on Toronto's airport strip. To ensure a safe and successful event we will be implementing all recommended Ontario health and safety protocols.

For increased safety and security TOREX will implement:

All show attendees will be required to register at the show. Face masks will be mandatory for anyone entering the event. Social distancing guidelines will be implemented. Hand sanitizer will be available. We are very excited to be back and look forward to a safe and successful TOREX.

Welcome back to TOREX!

Thank you.


Brian R. Smith, 8/27/2021
CCRS member since: 3/21/2002
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Don't miss... THE October 30 & 31, 2021 TOREX Coin Show & Auctions (Brian R. Smith, 8/27/2021)

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