Dan in Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is in Illinois just outside Chicago. I'm from Canada, grew up in Peterborough Ont. and spent many years in Brockville as well.

My coin collecting focus is primarily Canadian Large Cents at present. I also have a fondness for British Farthings, Half Cents and Cents. Wider ambitions include a type set by KM# of former British Colonies. I guess I just like the monarch head on the coins. I do collect US as well but at present it is secondary.

I have a digital blue and I try to take photos of the interesting Die Breaks, Doubling, Re-Cuts etc.

My wife and daughters both collect too. The my oldest daughter is working on a world coin type set by country. My wife also collects along the same line. My younger daughter is a decimal collector by series. She’s currently working on Wheat and Indian Head pennies.