I have been a serving Canadian Armed Forces officer for 32 years. I joined the military in 1977, graduated from RMC in 1982 with a mechanical engineering degree and then studied for another year to become an Aerospace Engineer. I served in Afghanistan (Sep 08-Apr 09) and I was very glad to spend the very little free time that I had studying coins and bank notes circulating within the NATO nations in Kandahar Airfield and the country of Afghanistan.

In the mid 80’s, during all my traveling in Europe related to the CF-18, I always kept a few coins and bank notes here and there, but never thought much of them. I still think the German marks and Belgium francs are boring! Although, thinking back, I always thought that the bank notes from France were really pretty and colourful. I began to seriously collect coins and paper money in 1997 after I received for Christmas the beautiful Snowbird coin from my brother-in-law from the 20$ Aviation series. My collections today are: worldwide wildlife coins and bank notes, Canadian type coin collection and worldwide 1 dollar coins and bank notes. I prefer to buy uncirculated coins and bank notes. Over the years, I have also taken the hobby of coin photography to support my articles and presentations. I write most of my articles for the Ottawa Coin Club (OCC), but I also often write in French for the Société numismatique de Québec. I have been the OCC President since 2005 and just having a great time.

I enjoy very much buying, selling, studying coins, writing articles, but what I enjoy the most is talking about it! I have made great friends in the past few years and it is just a lot of fun to share stories!

The CCRS web site is an incredible communication tool. I met TY on CCRS and we have become great friends! Thank you all for contributing and sharing your stories!

François from Ottawa Updated Dec 2009