Rick Simpson

I have a long name, James Richard Douglas Simpson, and I have also been into numismatics a long time. My first venture into numismatics was in the early 60's when I started a coin club in High School, started picking up coins from the bank, and worked for a coin shop in Hamilton. As it turned out, the store was owned by Rudy Sauro. I started advertising and contributing to coin papers back then. I have been married to Jo-Anne for a long, long time. We have one very well educated grown daughter who works in the film industry in Vancouver.She has recently moved to Madoc,Ontario. I visited my first major coin show, the ONA, in 1963. I have spent the next 40 years going to most of rest. I joined CAND in 1990, and became a member of the dealer control committee in 1992. Since then, I have held every position in CAND, including Secretary/Treasurer for 6 years, Vice President for 4 years, and am the wast President. Ilong with my lovely wife), I retired from Stelco in 2003 after 30 years, 7 months and 2 days. I was a millwright, mechanical foreman, and training co-ordinator. Besides numismatics, I am interested in mechanical repairs, masonary work, lawns and gardens, and my black cat Winston. Winston was tossed from a car near the coin show held in the Paris fair grounds in August, 2003. Some lower form of life put a six week old kitten in a purse with a closed velcro strap, and left him in a ditch. He was found, and now follows me everywhere. He dissapeared in June 2009. Current numismatic interests lie in varieties, grading, packaging and retailing of coins. I am the current co-owner of TNS, Canada's Premier Numismatic event, held twice yearly in May and September in St. Catharines. As well as buying/selling coins through R&S Coins, I have found that all the training methods I taught in stelco have removed any shyness I may have had, and enjoy being a licenced auctioneer.