My name is Brian Smith. I am the webmaster/producer of the award winning Canadian Coin Reference Site. I am a life member of the Canadian Numismatic Association. Between 1993 & 2000 I was the assistant manager of Torex. Since May 2000 I have been the Executive Director/Owner of Torex® - Canada's National Coin Show currently held three times annually at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on King in downtown Toronto. I am also a certified Webmaster in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

At the age of 32 back in the winter of 1997 I spent over 1 year in downtown Toronto designing & coding the very first phase of this website. I dedicated many hours and many long nights with buckets of black coffee to produce and code (manually in notepad) what you now experience as "The Canadian Coin Reference Site." This has been a labour of love for me, and something I thought would be useful to Canadian coin collectors and the global numismatic community. This was long before "Internet Social Media" was even part of the mainstream vernacular. I have been managing and developing this website and discussion for many years. It is one of the first numismatic discussions of its kind.

I am proud to have the involvement and support of many of Canada's most important numismatists on the CCRS discussion that have helped hundreds, if not thousands of coin collectors. Over the years there have been some serious contributors on the CCRS discussion board:

Ingrid K. Smith - Life member of the CNA & ANA, Global Counterfeit Detection Specialist and Numismatist.

Richard Simpson - Former President of CAND, the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers.

Tom Becker - A great Author/Numismatist http://www.tombeckeronline.com

and many many others, sorry to all the great numismatists out there that I left out.

Thank you for visiting the Canadian Coin Reference Site and I hope you find your visit here educational, entertaining and worthwhile! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me via the "Feedback" form. I usually respond to questions within a day or two.


Brian R. Smith