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C.N.A. Seminar Scheduled For February Torex.

Special to the CCRS

The winter edition of Torex, Canada’s most popular collectors’ show, will feature a seminar hosted by the Canadian Numismatic Association. With the theme of “Royal Canadian Mint Errors,” the presentations will feature two prominent speakers known for their involvement with the organized hobby of error collecting.

The seminar is scheduled for a 1:00 p.m. start on Saturday, February 25 in the Rain Dance Room, 3rd floor of the Radisson Admiral Hotel - Toronto Harbourfront, 249 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto.

The moderator, Paul Johnson, Chairman of the C.N.A. Education Committee, will introduce the program and the speakers.

The first speaker, Bill English, is former President of the Coin Irregularity Association of Canada (CIAC) when it was an active organization in the 1960s and 1970s. His presentation will explain how major errors can occur during normal production at the Royal Canadian Mint. He has given similar presentations when he was actively involved with the numismatic error hobby.

The second speaker, John Regitko, will speak on "Back-Door Jobs from the Royal Canadian Mint" during which he will reveal some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on involving items that could only get out through the backdoor of a Mint, and why there will always be items that get out through the backdoor.

John will name names of some of the dealers that were involved in obtaining material from employees at the Mint and reveal the history of how they came to be in his possession. He will name some of the pieces that collectors should be suspicious of. He will show slides of these coins from his collection. Some of the pieces are obvious backdoor jobs, while others are not so obvious and will be explained by him.

John will show slides and tell the audience about some not-so-obvious “back-door jobs” that came out of the Royal Canadian Mint that could easily pass as regular errors. He will comment on their value in relation to similar errors that could save a collector from overpaying for them. He will also tell us about his involvement when some double-struck flip-struck diving goose silver dollars were seized by the RCMP from an auction, why they were seized, who the main characters were and what the ultimate outcome was.

Part Two of John’s presentation will take a few errors from his collection and tell the audience how slight differences can increase the value ten-fold and more. In this part, entitled “Knowledge is King,” he will show a slide, ask his audience to tell him what the error is and then critique the piece to reveal that the error is actually something completely different that will increase its value many times. This knowledge will enable the astute collector to acquire pieces at a fraction of the cost of the error because of its rarity.

The C.N.A. Seminar is free to everyone, whether they are members of the C.N.A. or not. No advance notice of attendance is required.

For more information, contact the C.N.A. Hotline at (416) 223-5980 or e-mail:

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