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Brian R. Smith

Michael Walsh, The Canadian Coinoisseur, has scanned in and uploaded all content for the February 28 & 29 Torex® auction (1,863 LOTS!!). A huge amount of work to be sure. The Torex Auction will be held at the Novotel - Toronto, Centre and run live simultaneously world wide in real-time on eBay.

The Official Auction of the February Torex® Coin Show to be held at the Novotel in downtown Toronto. It will be conducted in two sessions, Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 February and run simultaneously on eBay. The 1863 lots have a total catalogue of $1.5 million. Among the consignments are two virtually complete collections of Canadian and Maritime silver, including two of nearly every key date and variety to every series. The one collection contained many high grade and condition-rare pieces, most of them pedigreed to major auctions over the past decades. The other consisted mostly of mid-range grades, so there is something for every level of interest and budget. There are over 200 lots of Canadian Paper Money, there is a short but exciting selection of condition-rare mintstate 17th, 18th and 19th century World Crowns and Minors and Gold and there are Error Coins, Test Tokens and Year Sets. The 334 lots of Maritime Decimal Coins is likely the most comprehensive ever offered in a Canadian auction. And the remaining 1200 lots of Canadian Decimal Coins are equally exciting with multiples of nearly every date and variety. Some of the Paper highlights are a 1935 Large Seal Twenty in AU, a 1954 Devil’s Face Hundred in EF+ and a 1973 Asterisk Uncut Pair. Outstanding among the World pieces are a 1739 English Half Crown certified MS-63, an 1806 Swiss-Aargau 10 Batzen certified MS-69 and a 1694H French Louis d’Or certified MS-63. There are many outstanding Canadian and Newfoundland Gold pieces including 1880 Two Dollars in MS-62 and AU+. Among the Canadian 5 Cents Silver are six examples of the 1875H Large Date including one in Choice Uncirculated, and there are two examples of the 1921. The 10 Cents include five examples of the 1875H ranging from G+ to AU+, three examples of the 1884 ranging from VG+ to MS-64 and the three of the 1889 in F+ and VF. As well, there are MS-66 examples of the 1881H and 1901. The remainder of the auction continues in this fashion, enjoy.

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