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The February 2008 Torex® Auction

Special to the CCRS

The Canadian Coinoisseur February Torex® Auction has strength and depth in many areas besides the expected Maritime and Canadian Decimal coins. There are outstanding selections of Paper Money, Pre-Confederation Tokens, Gold Coins and United States Coins, and the vast majority of the lots are offered without reserve.

There are sixty-nine consignors to this sale, with consignments organized into 1962 lots comprising an outstanding mix of numismatic material in a broad range of grades, from bulk and group lots through nice collectible pieces to the finest known examples. There appears to be something for nearly everyone.

The auction will be conducted in two sessions, Friday and Saturday the 22nd and 23rd of February at the Hilton Toronto Airport. The First Session, at 5:30 pm on Friday the 22nd begins with 261 lots of Paper Money. Included among these are many high-grade Dominion of Canada notes, such as AU examples of the 1900 Four, and 1924 Queen Mary Five. Highlights among the 1935 Bank of Canada notes are EF-AU examples of the English Twenty-Five and the French Hundred, as well as AU or better examples of the English Hundred and of both the Small and Large Seal English Twenty.

Among the 1937 notes, the Thousand is represented by a PMG Specimen-67 EPQ and nice Uncirculated issued example with a low serial number. Among the 1954 and later notes, there are three 0000001 notes and over thirty lots of Replacement Notes. Over sixty lots of Canadian Chartered Bank Notes include many high-grade examples, such as a 1922 Molsons Bank Five in PMG Gem Uncirculated-65 and there is a nice EF example of the 1913 Royal Bank Battleship Ten.

There are over 150 lots of Tokens and Medals. Among the highlights here are an ICCS AU-50 example of the Breton 524 the 1838 Side View Halfpenny, an ICCS EF-45 example of Breton 530 Montreal & Lachine Railroad and an ICCS VF-30 example of Breton 562 Molson. There is a VF example of Breton 925 North West Company 1820 and ICCS AU examples of each of Breton 926, 927, 928 and 929 Hudson’s Bay Company. Two Medals stand out: a Governor General Landsdown in Gold and a Lions Club International Gold presented in 1968 to the Right Honourable Paul Martin.

Included among the more than 100 lots of Canadian and World Gold are MS-63 examples of the 1912, 1913 and 1914 Canadian Ten Dollars and there is a nice selection of Canadian Sovereigns, including a 1908C in SP-64 and a 1913C in MS-62. Among the three dozen Newfoundland Two Dollars are an 1872 in ICCS MS-62, an 1880 in ICCS AU-55 and fourteen examples of the 1885 and 1888, eight of them certified MS-60 to MS-63. Forty-two lots of United States Gold include a Choice Uncirculated 1908 Motto Eagle and a 1911D Double Eagle in PCGS MS-65.

The First Session of the auction concludes with over 250 lots of United States coins. Included among these are coins of every denomination from Half Cent to Silver Dollar in certified grades from an 1877 Indian Cent in ICCS Poor to a 1977S Lincoln in PCGS PR-70 DCAM. There is a particularly nice selection of Commemorative Halves, with thirty certified pieces, mostly PCGS MS-65 and better.

The Second Session begins with Maritime Decimal coins. Some of the outstanding Newfoundland pieces are an 1880 Five Cents in PCGS MS-65, a 1944C Ten Cents in ICCS MS-65, an 1894 Obverse 2 Twenty Cents in PCGS MS-65 and a 1919C Twenty-Five Cents in PCGS MS-64. The Fifty Cents pieces include an 1881 in PCGS MS-63, an 1882H in PCGS SP-62, another in ICCS MS-63 and a 1900 in ICCS AU-58.

Canadian Large Cents include three ICCS mintstate examples of the 1859 Wide 9 Over 8 from MS-62 to MS-63 Red, there is an extremely rare 1876 No H Pattern in ICCS SP-65 Red and an outstanding 1912 in ICCS MS-66 Red. Among the Small Cents, a Very Choice Red and Brown Uncirculated 1924, an ICCS MS-65 Red 1933 and a 1955 No Shoulder Fold in ICCS MS-63 Red stand out.

Among the more than 150 lots of Five Cents is a superb 1889 in PCGS MS-66 and there is a nice example of the 1921 in ICCS VF-30. There are three examples of the 1951 High Relief: PCGS SP-64, ICCS AU-50 and ICCS VF-30.

Of particular interest among the Ten Cents pieces is an 1875H in ICCS AU-58, and there is an outstanding example of the 1899 Small 99 in PCGS MS-66 and a beautifully toned 1901 in ICCS MS-65. These are also ICCS MS-63 or MS-64 examples of the 1858, 1871, 1874H, 1880H, 1881H and 1899 Small 99. A superbly lustrous 1934 and a 2000P, both in ICCS MS-65 deserve attention.

The nearly 200 lots of Twenty and Twenty-Five Cents pieces begin with an 1858 in ICCS MS-64, an ICG MS-61 and a PCGS AU-58. A very rare Specimen 1875H in ICCS SP-63 will garner attention, as will the 1880H Wide 0 in ICCS MS-62. There is a beautifully toned 1901 in PCGS MS-66 and ICCS MS-65 among the other mintstate Victorian pieces. Of note among the Edwardian pieces are a 1902H in ICCS MS-65, a 1905 in PCGS MS-66 and another 1905 in ICCS and PCGS MS-63. There is a superbly lustrous 1934 in ICCS MS-65 and there are 1912, 1914, 1916, 1927 and 1928 all in ICCS MS-64. The George VI and Elizabeth selection is the finest to come to auction since the Mason Collection, with over sixty ICCS MS-65s covering all but two dates from 1937 to 1979.

The 100 lots of Fifty Cents pieces include an ICCS AU-58 example of the 1872H, an 1881H in ICCS MS-63 and a problem-free 1890H in ICCS VG-8. There is a nicely toned 1902 in PCGS MS-64, a 1905 in ICCS EF-40 and a 1910 Victorian Leaves and a 1914 both in ICCS AU-55. The 1937 in ICCS MS-65 is tied with only one other as the highest graded by ICCS, and will attract strong bidding, as will the fresh Uncirculated example of the 1946 Design in 6.

The February Torex® Auction concludes with 139 lots of Silver Dollars, including an ICCS MS-66 1935, two ICCS MS-65 examples of the 1936 and four examples of the 1948, including one in PCGS MS-64. Among the Elizabeth are ICCS MS-65 examples of the 1953 No Shoulder Fold, 1953 Shoulder Fold, 1954, 1955, 1963 and 1965 Type 3.

The lots can be viewed online and bids can be placed, either in advance or simultaneously on eBay LiveAuctions by going to and follow the links to the auction. Live lot viewing is scheduled for 12:00 to 9:00pm on Thursday the 21st and from10:00am to 5:00pm on both Friday and Saturday the 22nd and 23rd of February at the Hilton Toronto Airport.

Printed full-colour catalogues can be ordered online at or for $15.00 from the Canadian Coinoisseur #345 Unit 101 - 1001 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada V6H 4E4.

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