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John Regitko

Torex® - Canada's National Coin Show

The February 2001 Torex® Show was another successful event, according to all reports. Dealers reported brisk business, both with the public as well as amongst themselves. Collectors in decimal coins, paper money and tokens also reported satisfaction in their acquisitions of material. Some pieces of jewellery also found new homes.

The auction, conducted by Michael Walsh, drew good bidding, both from the floor as well as through the mail, with a number of lots exceeding reserves as well as some passing under the gavel at bargain pricing.

Brian R. Smith, the new owner/operator of Torex®, has learned well from his mother, former owner Ingrid Smith. From all appearances, everything was well under control. As usual, dealers were treated to a great reception hosted by Torex® and Michael Walsh and Chuck Moore, official auctioneers to Torex®. Complimentary coffee and tea were also made available when they arrived to lay out their wares in the bourse rooms that were all ready set up for them.

The Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club (CTCCC) had their usual well-attended meeting on Saturday morning in a meeting room donated by Torex®. The Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society (CMNS) held their meeting on Saturday afternoon.

Table space was also donated to the CMNS in the show's lobby to promote their organization. The Ontario Numismatic Association also manned an information table in the lobby of the convention area to promote not only their own association, but also other groups. For example, membership applications forms from the Canadian Numismatic Association and the upcoming "advanced" numismatic course at Humber College hosted by CNA/NESA were also laid out, as were information flyers of a number of local coin clubs and upcoming annual coin shows, both club-organized and commercially-run. Perhaps, the best indication of the success of these complimentary information tables appears in the "new membership" listing of the March bulletin of the Ontario Numismatic Association: 14 new member applications are listed, due mostly by the exposure gained at Torex®!

It is no idle boast that Torex® bills itself as "Canada's National Coin Show." Professional dealers travel great distances to attend this show three times a year not only to do business with existing customers, but also to establish new clients. As well, collectors travel from the eastern and western reaches of Canada to attend so as to add that long-elusive item to their collection or to attend one of the specialty-collector meetings hosted by Torex®.

Toronto is known as the Numismatic Capital of Canada, boasting more collectors than any other area and acting as host to more national and regional annual coin conventions than the rest of Canada combined. A visit to Torex® exposes one to the creme-de-la-creme or Canadian numismatic collectors and bourse dealers. No wonder TV cameras are on hand regularly to film the proceedings or show representatives are invited to appear on local programs to talk about the show!

John Regitko

(John Regitko, a past-President of the Canadian Numismatic Association, is the recipient of major awards presented by the CNA. He was presented theAssociation's highest award, the J. Douglas Ferguson Gold Medal foroutstanding contribution to the hobby of numismatics in Canada, as well as the very first "Fellow of the CNA" award every presented. He has won "Best Local Coin Club Editor" awards from the American Numismatic Association in international competition on three separate occasions, as well as 3 "Best Local Coin Club Editor" awards from the Canadian Numismatic Association in their annual national competitions. He is also the recipient of the most recent CNA's "Best Regional Bulletin Coin Club Editor" award for his work on the 36-page Ontario Numismatic Association Bulletin. John as held virtually every position of local area coin clubs, including program director, Editor and President. As well, he has been appointed Chairman of annual Conventions of both the ONA and CNA.)

The Torex® Coin Show - Canada's National Coin Show

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