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Many Rarities in the February Torex® Auction

Session One begins with a small Paper Money section which includes an extremely rare 1838 Nova Scotia note, five Four Dollar notes and twoTwenty-Five Dollar notes. A nice selection of Ancient Greek and Roman coins follows. Among the Tokens and Medals section is a unique set of Nova Scotia bronze and silver patterns and lead trial pieces for a proposed official Provincial medal. A short foreign section contains an extremely rare 1877 Columbian Cinco Decimos piece reported in Krause-Mishler as "2 known" and an AU example of the 1731H Isles du Vent 12 sols. There are some 35 lots of Error Coins, from an 1858 Flying Eagle Cent on a clipped planchet to a 2000 Pride Twenty Five Cents piece struck on a foreign planchet.

This is followed with 66 lots of Gold Coins, mostly certified and including many condition-rarities. The sale then proceeds to the Maritime Decimal Coins section, with over a hundred lots of mostly certified pieces with many condition rarities, including a Mintstate New Brunswick Twenty Cents piece, a Gem Mintstate Newfoundland 1885 One Cent piece and a great run of Gem and Superb Gem Mintstate Newfoundland Five and Ten Cents pieces. Session One ends with a Gem Mintstate Nova Scotia Half Cent piece.

Session Two consists entirely of Canadian Decimal coins. Among the Large Cents are Mintstate examples of each of the three 1891 varieties, including two Gem Red examples as well as a dozen-and-a-half other MS 65 pieces. The solo highest graded example of the 1923 Cent and a 1925 also in MS 65 are highlights in the Small Cent section. In the Five Cents Silver section are nearly a dozen Gems, including toughies such as the 1872H, 1904, 1912 and 1915. The features among the Ten Cents pieces are a recently discovered and certified 1885 in MS 65 and a run of George V pieces in Gem and Superb Gem Mintstate.

The Twenty-Five Cents pieces start with a recently certified Gem 1870 and run through an 1888 in MS 64 with a heavy cameo, and on to a great run ofGeorge V and George VI pieces in MS 65, 66 and 67. Although there is a Mintstate Victorian Fifty Cents piece in the catalogue, the heart of thissection is the run of Mintstate George V pieces in MS 63 to 66. The Silver Dollar section begins with a 1935 in SP 67 and includes a Gem Mintstate 1947 Maple Leaf and a number of superb early Proof-Likes.

Not everything in the sale is in Gem Mintstate; there are many circulated pieces, both raw and certified, to interest a broad range of collectors. Among these are a VF 1893 Round Top 3 Ten Cents piece, an EF 1875H Twenty-Five Cents piece and a VG 1921 Fifty Cents Piece. Oh yea, guess we'd better mention the 1921 Fifty Cents Piece.

Lot Viewing is in the Borden Room, Primrose Hotel, Thursday the 22nd of February from 6 to 9 PM, on Friday the 23rd from 10 AM to 6 PM, and on Saturday the 24th from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. Catalogues are available for $15 from the Canadian Coinoisseur, #345-101-1001 West Broadway, Vancouver, BCV6H 4E4.

Torex® Auction - Michael Walsh, the Canadian Coinoisseur

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