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Alert: Major Burglary after weekend CAND Coin Show in Hamilton, Ontario.

Special to the CCRS

This "break in" occurred about 7:00 pm, Jan 25. On the east Hamilton mountain. No one injured, fairly extensive damage to the house, door and windows broken. The total value of this one is well over $100,000, none of which is insured. If you have further information, contact Richard Simpson at:

There are misc banknotes, raw coins, coins in 2X2's not accounted for here. As this happened following a busy show, a lot of stock purchased was not recorded properly, and in the aftermath of a burglary, book keeping practises are questionable. Some of the lists from the show recording buying & selling were also taken.

Please click here to view the list of items stolen. Note: Some of the ICCS numbers/grades were not readable. Basically, be careful with those with an FR prefix in the number.

Please pass on this information to anyone you think may be concerned.

Rick Simpson

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