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RCNA to Present Award to Mike Marshall

Special to the CCRS

The President of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association Michael Walsh has authorized an award to be presented to Mike Marshall at the upcoming Torex Coin Show.

Due to the exemplary work that Mike Marshall has done in the area of combating the counterfeiting of coins, Marshall will be recognized by the RCNA on Saturday, June 27 at 12 noon. The presentation will be made by RCNA Director Bret Evans and Executive Secretary Paul Johnson in the lobby area outside of the bourse room during the Torex Coin Show.

Normally these awards are made at each annual convention, but an exception is being made this year since Marshall cannot attend the RCNA 2009 convention. Mike Marshall has been working to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit coins in the numismatic community.

An invitation is being made to all members of the collecting public and from the CCRS website to attend this special presentation.

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