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Moore's October 2005 Torex® Auction Features Over 2,400 Lots


Moore's October 2005 Torex® auction features over 2,400 lots of Canadian, Newfoundland and world coins, bankdnotes and tokens.

An impressive Banknote Collection featuring Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada and Chartered Canadian Banknotes, as well as extensive collections of Proofs and Specimens and rare Scrip. Mint State Victorian, Edwardian and George V coinage and patterns also highlight the 2005 TOREX auction sale.

MOORE NUMISMATIC AUCTIONS has produced an outstanding auction for the October 2005 TOREX convention, which will be held October 27-29, 2005 at the Radisson Admiral Hotel, in downtown Toronto, Ontario at the Harbourfront, 249 Queens Quay West. The public auction sale is MOORE's 116th. mail bid or auction sale since 1977 and offers over 2400 lots of rare and choice Canadian and Newfoundland Coins, Breton Tokens and Banknotes, as well as U.S. and world coins. Over $1,500,000.00 of material will be auctioned, and although not featuring a 'name' collection like Norweb, Pittman, Belzberg or Mason, the sale offers the collections or highlights of over 65 individual consignors. Over two hundred and fifty coins in the top ten grading census of the various third party grading firms are featured for the advanced collector. Over 1,800 additional ICCS, PCGS and NGC certified coins are also featured, comprising one of the largest offering of third party graded Canadian material to be offered at auction this year.

The sale also offers starter collections and sets, and attractive circulated coins, and a largest number of bulk lots. There is a significant amount of material for the intermediate and beginning collector, and hundreds of lots for every collecting budget.

The material will be sold in three sessions, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, October 27th. Session One, on Thursday evening begins with over 500 lots of Canadian Bank Notes, Proofs and Specimens, featuring a large collection of Canadian Merchant's script and bons from the 1837 era, and rare uncut sheets, and a superb collection of early Canadian advertising notes.

Another three hundered (300) plus notes from the Bank of Canada, Dominion of Canada and Chartered bank note area are also on the auction block, and feature dozens of rarities, including a recently discovered unique and previously unknown $4.00 note dated 1855 from The Molsons Bank, and a very rare Molson's Bank $7.00 note. Four early Bank of Prince Edward Island notes are also offered. In addition a collection of over 150 Proofs and Specimens have been consigned, the majority from the 1989 and 1990 archive sales of the American Bank Note Company. The Proofs and Specimens are pristine, with full vibrant colours and are offered to the collecting public for the first time in nearly fifteen years. Included are over twenty uncut Proof and Specimen sheets, and rare Proofs from both the Dominion and Bank of Canada. A large number of the Proofs represent notes that are unobtainable as issued notes. A collection of die proof Vignettes from an engraver at the British American Bank Note Co. are also featured.

Session Two will be held on Friday evening, October 28th, beginning at 5:30 p.m. and begins with an extensive collection Canadian Pre. And Post-confederation tokens and Leroux medals. The majority are high grade and include rare pattern Bridge tokens in Proof, Blacksmith tokens and many rarities including Side View Penndies and Half Pennies. A small but select group of medals are next, including over fifteen medals with a medical theme. Session Two then proceeds with Canadian Decimal coinage, starting with Canadian Large Cents. Over 1000 PCGS, ICG, NGC and ICCS certified decimal coins, the majority in Mint State condition, will be auctioned. The emphasis is on Victoria, Edward and George V coinage, but numerous examples of George VI material is also included. A highlight of Session Two is the 'Finest' known George V ten cents collection, with the majority of examples grading Mint State-67 or Mint State-68. In addition, there are hundreds of attractive circulated coins, starter sets, large dealer lots, collections, and general accumulations contained in the session, as well as rare specimen examples. Session Three proceeds on Saturday evening, February 28th, at 5:30 p.m. and continues with Canadian an Newfoundland Decimal coinage, again offering over 1000 ICCS, PCGS, NGC and ICG certified coins. Highlights include three Mint State Victorian fifty cents pieces as well as copper Proof patterns from Nova Scotia. The quality of the mint state and specimen material offered is excellent. As with the previous session, attractive circulated material, bulk lots, etc., as also offered, as well as mint errors, and large lots of Royal Canadian Mint products.

The October 2005 TOREX auction sale is expected to be one of the finest sales of Canadian and Newfoundland coinage, banknotes and tokens to be sold this year in Canada, and certainly the finest sale of the fall season. Copies of the auction catalogue are available for $15.00 from MOORE'S, P.O. Box 5233, Walnut Creek, CA., 94596 or 2100 Bloor St., West, #36297, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 5A5, or by phoning (925)-946-0150 or by faxing (925)-930-7710 or by E-mailing: .

Hotel reservations should be made directly to the Radisson Admiral Hotel, Toronto Harbourfront, 249 Queens Quay, Toronto, Ontario, at (416)-203-3333 or (800)-333-3333.

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