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New $100 note with improved security features goes into circulation March 17, 2004.

Canada $100.00 Note

The new $100 note was unveiled on 28 January 2004. It will go into circulation beginning 17 March 2004. It is the third in the new series of bank notes called Canadian Journey. This new series features themes that celebrate Canada's history, culture, and achievements. The new note will go into circulation in mid March, 2004.

The new notes are distinguished by state-of-the-art security features, world-class designs, and a first-of-its-kind tactile feature to help the blind and vision-impaired identify the different denominations.

Although the current images will change, the new notes will remain the same size, and retain the existing dominant colours on each denomination. The Queen and the prime ministers currently shown on the notes will remain on the same bills for the entire series. However, new portraits of these figures will be engraved for both security and aesthetic purposes.

Bank of Canada

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