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The June 2004 Torex® exceeded all my expectations.

Brian R. Smith

A perfect and hospitable weekend with blue skies and a radiant sun set the stage for the weekend June 2004 Torex® Coin Show in downtown Toronto. This show completely exceeded all of my expectations. I was a bit nervous that the show would be adversely affected by the decision of the CNA to hold their show, also in Toronto, two weeks following the June 2004 Torex, but these fears were quickly laid to rest leading up to the Torex weekend once I realized that Torex had sold out all of it's bourse tables. In addition to the support of loyal Torex dealers, the show welcomed an above average attendance from the general public which packed the June Torex bourse floor. Instead of the usual 2 auction session formula, the June 2004 Torex Auction ran 3 sessions over three straight nights. Although not yet official, preliminary estimates from Moore Numismatic Auctions points to a new sales record for a Torex auction. The show ran very smoothly, which reinforces my belief that if one prepares thoroughly in advance, anticipating problems before they arise, problems are avoided.

On Saturday morning, The Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club, a regular Torex meeting group, presented me with the CTCCC "President's Pin." It was very nice of them to surprise me like that, and it acknowledged to me that they appreciate the effort Torex puts forth to accommodate their group on a regular basis. On Saturday afternoon The Classical and Medieval Society had a smooth running meeting as well.

I want to thank my assistant, Andy Fiutek for working so hard to help me get the show set-up perfectly and with the show break-down, Carmen Feijoo, the Novotel Floor Banquet manager and her staff for having all the tables draped so nicely and arranged to specifications. I would also like to thank my mother, Ingrid K. Smith, for coming down to the show and helping me with almost every facet of show management. I would like to thank Robert Aaron for mentioning the show in his Toronto Star coins column. I really appreciated the Plug! It really helps to get the word out. Last but not least I want to thank Kenny, the Armed Security Officer, without whom, I would really be stressed out.

Ingrid reported that she was overwhelmed at the number of both foreign and North American numismatic treasures she had to pass up due to her current and future impecuniousness.

Michael Walsh of The Canadian Coinoisseur was accepting consignments for the October 2004 Torex auction. BR from the CCRS discussion was at the show with his wife Kim and son. It looked like a perfect family outing, with something for everyone. I am pretty sure I saw Daniel at the show. Sid was present sharing his knowledge with Torex ancient coin dealers. Brian Copeland or "Raistlin" from this discussion was there promoting his custom and elaborate numismatic collector computer software. Louis was also there, as charming as ever with his big French smile.

Rick Simpson was kind enough to buy me a special tool which facilitates the repair of show cases. He also took the time to demonstrate to me how to use the new tool. Armed with my new show case pliers I was able to bring a few of the older cases back to their original condition.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a more successful smooth running event. Now I can start planning for the October show!

Thank you to all Torex Dealers and Collectors for your loyal support! See you October 30 & 31, 2004 at the next show!

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