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Art and Nature Continue to Shine on the Royal Canadian Mint's Newest Collector Coins

Ottawa, Ontario - September 13, 2013

Canada’s magnificent wildlife and artistic talent are once again taking centre stage on the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest offering of finely crafted collector products. Themes such as the Bighorn Sheep of Canada’s Rockies to the Bald Eagles which grace our skies, as well as the classic works of the Group of Seven and the contemporary creations of our aboriginal artists, have inspired new keepsakes in platinum, gold and silver, some of which feature technical enhancements such as detailed colouring and niobium inserts. All of these products are now available from the Mint and its network of official distributors.

“The wildlife which calls Canada home, our landscape, and our culture are great sources of pride and inspiration which the Mint is proud to celebrate on innovative new collector coins,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “The craftsmanship and innovation which are emblematic of the Mint’s collector coin program help bring our natural and artistic treasures closer to Canadians and to coin buyers all over the world.”

Always keen to showcase Canada in a fresh perspective, the Mint introduces the first of the 25-Cent Coloured Coin Magnified Beauty series featuring close-up images of Canadian flowers. Beginning with the rare and endangered Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus, Canadian artist Claudio D’Angelo has created a detailed illustration of a yellow and orange-red flower which completely fills the reverse side of this eye-catching new collectible.

Another colourful display of nature is found on the $20 face-value 99.99% fine silver coin named Autumn Bliss, featuring the bracing autumn scene of a serene Canadian lake. Illustrated in full colour, the iconic reds, yellows and oranges of our fall landscapes vividly illustrate Canada’s ever-changing natural beauty.

Autumn Bliss

Famed species of Canadian wildlife also stand out on several new coins, including the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on a 1 oz. pure platinum coin and a half-gram, 25-cent 99.99% pure gold coin designed by Emily Damstra; two new Claudio D’angelo designs on the $20 fine silver The Bald Eagle: Returning from the Hunt and the $200 99.99% pure gold Bald Eagle Protecting Her Nest; and the second instalment of the Untamed Nature series featuring the Pronghorn, whose illustration by Canadian artist Tivadar Bote is strikingly enhanced by five different finishes and shades of luster.


Eagles Nest

Canada’s artistic talent is boldly displayed on a stunning 5 oz. pure gold coin featuring the work of contemporary aboriginal artist Raymond Weizineau from Obedjiwan, Quebec. His circular design is an expression of elements which are at the heart of Atikamekw myth and storytelling, surrounded by a ring of maple leaves evoking the geometric pattern of a snowflake, elegantly captured on a $500 face-value coin.

The celebration of our artistic heritage continues with our second niobium-enhanced fine silver coin on contemporary aboriginal art with the theme of Father Ice Fishing, by Ulaayu Pilurtuut, as well as the final issue of our Group of Seven series, featuring A.Y. Jackson ‘s Saint-Tite-des-Caps in fine silver.

Also available for order today are the 2013 $10 face-value fine silver coin of the O Canada Series celebrating the great Canadian sport of hockey, and the perennial Holiday Gift Set featuring a holiday wreath on a special 25-cent multi-ply plated steel coin, packaged with a full set of 2013-date circulation coins.

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