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Canadian Coins - Vol One: Numismatic Issues
64th, 2010 Edition
Author: W.K. Cross
Price: CDN $19.95 US $19.95 UK ?4.95
Release Date: September 8, 2009

Canadian Coins - Vol Two: Collector Issues
1st, 2010 Edition
Author: W.K. Cross
Price: CDN $19.95 US $19.95 UK ?4.95
Release Date: January 2010

A Charlton Standard Catalogue
Copyright ?997-2010
Charlton International Inc.
All rights reserved.



The 1858 Cents Of Provincial Canada ?Volumes I & II


This hardcover two volume set includes:

?A full description of the political and economic events leading to Canadian decimal coinage.

?An informative history of the Canadian provincial coinage, including extensive descriptions of the minting process. Die catalogs (two pages per die) for both the 1858 cents and

?the 1859 wide 9 over 8 cents.

?The relative rarities of each obverse die, reverse die, and die marriage used to mint 1858 and 1859 wide 9 over 8 cents. Nearly 600 full color photographs to assist readers in

?attributing coins.

?Volume I has 330 pages. Volume II contains 136 pages.

"Anyone interested in studying Victorian coins of any denomination would gain from reviewing the material presented here, both in content and in style."
Canadian Coin News

"Turner has elevated the bar in Canadian numismatic research."
Canadian Numismatic Journal

"From beginning to end this book is a quality production that will be a handsome addition to any numismatic library."
David Lange, Numismatic Author

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The two volume set is available for $135 USD. $20 USD S&H added to all orders. Paypal or cleared personal checks accepted. Order from the author:





Canadian Coin News

Canadian Coin News

Newspaper description For more than 35 years Canadian Coin News has been the definitive source for information about coin collecting and numismatics from a Canadian Perspective. You will find information on new and old issues, investment tips, current price trends and auction news and show listing across Canada. To order call: 1.800.408.0352.

World Coin News
World Coin News

Bank Note Reporter
Bank Note Reporter



The Canadian Coin Dealer 

The Only Newsletter that reports Wholesale prices for Canadian Coins and Banknotes.

The Canadian Coin Dealer Newsletter reports wholesale bid prices for Canadian coins, banknotes, and other related numismatic collectibles. The prices are a reflection of wholesale dealer to dealer transactions, or auction results. The bids reported within in no way reflect an offer by the Canadian Coin Dealer Newsletter to buy or sell the goods at the prices published.

Subscription Rates: One Year - $74.90 CDN/$50.00U.S.
                           Two Years $139.10 CDN/$95.00U.S.
Subscribers are guaranteed 12 issues.

The Canadian Coin Dealer Newsletter is managed by Michael Findlay. He is a full time professional numismatist with over 20 years of numismatic experience. For any information, please contact:

CCDN - Contact: Michael Findlay

Call and order yours today!:  
v. (705) 423-1140 fax: (705) 423-1069

P.O. Box 2043
Angus, ON  L0M 1B0 CANADA

Les Monnaies
Le Premier magazine francophone pour les collectionneurs de monnaie et papier-monnaie.
202-103 Lakeshore Rd.,
St. Catherines, On L2N 2T6
Telephone: (905) 646-7744

The Collectors Guide
Dealer Listings, Club Listings, Price Guide and More!
Trajan Publishing Corporation
103 Lakeshore Rd., Suite 202,
St. Catherines, ON, L2N 2T6
Telephone: (905) 646-7744
Fax: (905) 646-0995

Certification Services

Certification Services

International Coin Certification Service Inc. (ICCS)
We authenticate & grade all Canadian Coins

  • Population Reports

  • Large Lot Grading Discounts

  • Micro & Fine Art Coin Photography

2010 Yonge St., Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1Z9
v: 416.488.9859   f: 416.488.6371
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Canadian Coin Certification Service  (CCCS)
The Alternative in coin
certification specializing in Canadian decimal and tokens.


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