Welcome to The Canadian Coin Reference Site!™ The ultimate online resource for numismatic enthusiasts. Utilizing the Internet medium, the producer has tried to expose important numismatic reference material in an organized, interactive, and fun manner. Perhaps you have some old coins stored away in a drawer? In a trunk up in the attic? Maybe you received a collection as part of an inheritance, or managed to tuck a few away throughout the years. The Canadian Coin Reference Site™ will lead you to important information, which will help you learn more about the numismatic treasures you adore.
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The King of Hobbies
1st prize Speech written and presented by Brian R. Smith (in 1978 at age 14) at Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School in downtown Toronto, Canada.
Kids and Coins
Would you like your son or daughter, or another young person you know, to acquire any of the following skills or attributes?

Improved reading ability, Neatness, Improved comprehension, The ability to set and reach goals, Organizational skills, Self-esteem, Self-confidence, The ability to establish priorities, Pride, Understanding the value of money, An interest in history and culture, Comprehending the importance of gaining specialized knowledge...

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Click here to view a gorgeously toned 50 cent coin from Newfoundland! Click Here to view a Ten Dollar piece from 1912! The Canadian Coin Reference Site was Awarded The Yahoo! Canada Pick of the Week Award.

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